Wk 9- Classmate Interview- Kiana Lightbourn

If you didn’t see posted some late posts for last week! Bck to the point, check out this girl’s last name! Awesome right? Anyways Kiana is an 18 year old freshie like me. She commutes from signal hills. I noticed a majority of the people I talk to commute. She is a huge animal lover! She has a multitude of pets; 5 dogs, 4 cats, and a pond with turtles. Also she enjoys marine bio and was inspired from watching the different birds that you can find at the beach. We talked about film and she really enjoys marvel movies, btw if you haven’t seen the new avengers trailer you should check it out!! As of art, she is most interested in ceramics. Though I enjoyed the class of ceramics in high school, I found I didn’t have enough patience to be very good at it. But there you have it, meet Kiana everybody!


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