wk 10- Classmate- Greg Violin

This week I met Greg. A fellow Filipino. He questioned my authenticity when I asked what his last name was from. I had to briefly explain that the only Filipino thing about me is my superior tanning abilities. He is a commuter of about the same distance as me. But coincidentally he often comes to Torrance for Ramen. (Ironically he was eating a cup noodle when I met him). I told him he should try Hakata Ramen, a restaurant my friends family owns. I also learned that he likes playing basketball at the rec. Strange that I haven’t seen him yet since I go play everyday. We also talked about Naruto for a little. He claimed him as his favorite super hero and we talked about how far I am from where the comics currently are. As for school he is in Computer Science, and he seems very bright. Hope to seem him on the courts soon!IMG_3743


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